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Name:The Doug Anthony All Stars fan community
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A community for fans of the Doug Anthony All Stars.
This community is for fans of the Doug Anthony All Stars comedy group and/or the subsequent careers of its members Tim Ferguson, Richard Fidler, and Paul McDermott. Discussion, picspams, links to articles and YouTube clips, fanfiction, fanart, fanvids, and icons are welcome here. Fanworks of all genres (gen, het, and slash) and all ratings are permitted.


1) No bashing of any members of DAAS, or anyone else for that matter. Differences of opinion are fine, and so is reasoned criticism, but "X is stupid and I hate him" is not.

2) No flaming. If you disagree with someone's expressed opinion, be civil about it. If someone makes a post or comment you think is inappropriate, please contact a mod rather than flaming. Statements such as "I think you're wrong, and here's why" and "The characterization in this story needs work" are not flames. "You're a talentless loser" is a flame. If you can imagine Paul McDermott saying it during a rant, it's a flame.

3) No spam. Do not post about unrelated communities, events, etc. If you're not sure whether a post you want to make is relevant, ask a mod before posting. Post that say things like "If this isn't appropriate, please delete" will be deleted on principle.

4) The mods' decisions about what constitutes bashing, flaming, and spam are final. Offenders may be warned or banned, depending on the severity of the offense.

5) All posts should include a subject heading that briefly summarizes content. Fanworks' subject headers should look like this:
FIC: "Title" (Characters or pairing, rating)
ART: "Title" (Characters or pairing, rating)
VID: "Title" (Characters or pairing, rating)
6) Fanworks should be rated as "All ages," "Teen," or "Adult." Please do not use MPAA ratings or any other system, as the terms may not be familiar to everyone.

7) Fanfiction must include a header that (at least approximately) follows this format:
Pairing or Character(s):
Warnings: [Options are: None needed, major character death, nonconsensual sex, underage sex, graphic violence, OR choose not to warn. You must include one or more of these as applicable; you can warn for other things too, if you choose, but warnings are REQUIRED for the categories listed above unless you indicate that you choose not to warn. You are encouraged, but not required, to make warnings highlight-to-read to avoid spoilers; a helpful cut-and-paste code by [personal profile] amadi for highlight-to-read warnings that are usable with screen readers is here.]
Disclaimer: [Needed only for RPF, not for stories set in the DAAS Kapital fictional universe. Your disclaimer should read something like this: "This is a work of fiction. The characters herein are based on real people, but the words and events are completely made up. They are not intended to be mistaken for fact, and no libel is intended."]
8) All fanfiction and fanart should go behind a cut (a worksafe art thumbnail above the cut is okay). Posts longer than a couple of paragraphs should also be cut, as should all images larger than 200x200 pixels. Icon posts can have three teaser icons above the cut.

9) Do not link to locked posts on any journal or community. This includes icon communities whose posts are temporarily public, then locked after a certain time period. Anything you link to should be accessible to anyone in this community.

10) Tag all your posts. If there's no tag available that is appropriate for your post, use the "tag needed" tag.

11) If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions, please contact a mod.
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